Music and Entertainment Fan Engagement + Management 

For Artists, Managers, and Fans
Are you an artist hoping to build a large and loyal fan base?

I have studied and built relationships with some of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the music industry and can offer insight.


Are you an artist or a fan wanting to tune your fan engagement to the authentic, respectful, and catalytic for good frequencies?

I do this day and night and can help you.


Are you a musician’s manager wanting to mitigate risks related to fans and/or teams?

I am experienced in risk management and I’ve got your back.

Social and Environmental Impact Amplification + Optimization

For Artists, Bands, Managers, Organizations, Brands, Businesses, and Individuals

Are you an individual, organization or business wanting to partner with social and environmental organizations or initiatives for maximum impact?

I have years of experience in this sector with organizations and initiatives of all shapes and forms and can guide you towards partnerships that work and feel good.

Or are you thinking about creating your own do good organization or initiative?

I am associated with the THNK School of Creative Leadership and can help your creative and implementation processes.

Are you a superstar hoping to leverage your fan base’s infinite energy for social and environmental endeavors that actually work?

I am your girl.


Are you an artist, band or manager wanting your shows/tour to be environmentally friendly?

Get in touch, we’ll make it happen!


Are you an organization or brand looking to form and maintain effective partnerships for good with artists and the music industry? Or are you an artist looking for brand partnerships?

I can offer guidance.


Are you looking for grant/financing related help for art and/or do good projects/endeavors?

I have helped raise millions for educational, social and environmental impact and have been on the donor side too. Contact me if you need advice on grant/financing matters.

Strategic Communications

For Artists and Managers

I create genuine communication strategies to suit different issues, audiences, cultures, political situations, systems, etc.

How We Work Together

Short Calls
Short Term Projects
Longer Term Engagements

How We Work Together

Short Calls
Short Term Projects
Longer Term Engagements

Answering Your Questions


Corporations have CSR and ESG (corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance) departments and policies. It is becoming the norm for the media industry from films to TV shows to social media and more to have social and environmental impact producers/managers on board.

Major touring artists such as Coldplay, Billie Eilish and Matoma are making their tours environmentally friendly. Why not you?

I can help you ensure that your projects are thinking about social and environmental impact to maximize your positive impact and prevent unintended negative impact. This is done via strategic planning, local and global community and fan engagement, social and environmental impact expertise and partnerships. Great for the world, good for business, life-changing for people.

Environmental and social issues aren’t going anywhere and customers are pushing brands/companies to be more and more responsible on those fronts. It is beneficial for brands/companies to pair themselves with artists who have positive associations with planet, being kind to people, etc. Being involved in social and environmental impact realms becomes part of your image and plays in your favor business wise IF done genuinely and effectively.

Artists do socially engaged art when they have the ability to positively connect with members of the public. Choose, amplify and optimize your impact. Take the next step, get in touch.

What does Marie do…in a few words?
Social and Environmental Impact Management passionate about music, art and rockonomics (the economics of music)!
What are Marie’s qualifications?

I have degrees but they are hardly my whole qualifications story.

I hold a B.A. in International Relations, a M.A. in Political Science, a L.L.M. in International Law and a Certificate in Creative Leadership.

The more or less formal part of my education took me from a small liberal arts university in the American Midwest to the New School in New York City (the only university where a world-renowned design school-Parsons-comes together with graduate programs to seek out ways to create a more just, more beautiful and better-designed world) to the United Nations training campus in Italy to the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam (a program that brings together successful dropouts and Harvard Stanford type alumni from around the world TED Rockefeller Ashoka and more fellows included).

I was born and spent my early years on a university campus in Belgium when my parents were still students so don’t hold all the degrees against me–that’s how I thought people learned! The primary and high schools I went to had kids from all over the world and the social ladder. Many of my friends had a refugee or immigrant background. Who knew then I would become an immigrant myself?! I was always interested in ways different people and even species get along and noticed the power of creativity early on. I learned helpful knowledge in school but where I really became a change-maker was when living social and environmental impact work and navigating the obstacles of life doing so. You can learn more about my work and the journey that brought me to the music industry here.

“I wholeheartedly can attest to the effectiveness of Marie’s work. Particularly navigating the stormy waters of power, equity and transitions, she is one of the best in the business. Marie’s perspective and careful analytical prowess are solid situational-awareness. She is passionate for what she does and is meticulous on the details that people say is where ‘the devil lies’. Those who don’t want to meet that ‘devil’ call Marie.” – John Wesley Days, Jr., Educator, Multi-media Artist, Facilitator, Musician

Where in the world has Marie worked-and hiked with her dog?!
I love to hike the world with my dog Atlas! Some of our favorite hikes have been: The Shenandoah, Central Park, Lake Michigan, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Mission Bay (United States) Karura Forest, Ngong Hills, Watamu Beach and Creek (Kenya), Turin Mountains and Piedmont Lakes (Italy) and the streets of Paris and the Benelux.

Over the years I have lived and worked on all continents except Antarctica.

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