The same muscle that we use to plan the next concert can also be used to navigate our social and environmental issues. 

Someone once asked me where I feel the freest. A TED talk actually inspired my response-I need to give credit to Marc Bamuthi Joseph and to a song by Joni Mitchell.


I feel the freest in moments. The moments that make you feel like your body floods with chemicals they put in EpiPens to revive the dead. The moments you feel weightless, boxedless.

Love art

Our most valuable commodities are heading to be freshwater and empathy. I love art, especially music. But give me something else to go with art. Lift me up with the sublime and give me a practice or some tools to turn that inspiration into understanding and action.

Make change

I am a change-making social and environmental conscience who loves live music. Live music can foster a sense of community among the ones feeling the beat of their drumming hearts. Studies have shown that audience members’ hearts actually beat together.

Feel connected

I am talking about the trembling of the bones that makes us feel connected. About the only way to eternity-that act of care of being present moments in the reverberation of love and light.

Be free

For me, and for many art and music lovers, freedom exists in shared performance. Freedom is often talked about abstractly and even divisively like “protect our freedom,” “build this wall.” But how do we design freedom?

Kind exuberance  

We sing, we move. Together. We feel joy at experiencing the performances of and at engaging our favorite artists. We let our guards down, we let our kind exuberance come through.


The joy is as much the freedom within each of us and the crowd than it is the artists on stage. We name and imagine our own freedoms-and no one is truly free until we are all free.

Let me take you there

Live music is one of those things we can all agree to do together. My work is about connecting the joy of the performance to our ever-moving freedom seekers.

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