At the occasion of the Met Gala, artist IUNO, Do Good Manager and music fan Marie M, and Atlas present-and sing!-their fashion wishes to a sustainable future, as well as those of diverse artists, fashion workers, an innovation journalist, and a sustainable design architect.

Rock song ahead. 

And more.

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Video credits

Concept, research, main acts, and production leadership:

IUNO (aka Noemi Cruciani), Singer-Songwriter and Visual Artist

IUNO can be reached at 

IUNO’s website under construction

IUNO’s design portfolio

Instagram: @thisisiuno @musesprojectofficial

Facebook: @thisisiuno 

Marie M (aka Marie Mainil), Social and Environmental Impact Manager 

Fashion Wishes Videos:

Perfect Mark, Singer – Songwriter  


Yasmin Kalach, Vocalist 

Instagram: @yasmin.voice

Andrea Frollà, Tech Journalist

Matteo Rosati, Sustainable Design Architect

Gratitude to 

Noelle Scaggs and Diversify the Stage for their leadership and inspiration

Instagram: @noellescaggs 

@DawnCumbertach13 on Instagram for the inspiration

The Film Made in Bangladesh for its teachings and inspiration 

Zendaya at GCFA2020 for being Zendaya

Instagram: @zendaya

Brands such as Ziran and AnotherTomorrow that truly strive to be inclusive and sustainable

Backing Tracks:

Jungle Drops _ IUNO

Instagram: @thisisiuno

Waterfall (instrumental) _ Esin Aydingoz & IUNO for MUSES produced by Audiobrew

Graphic and Video making: 

CRUS Design

Fancying a design of you or of a loved one in a favorite piece of fashion?! Contact CRUS Design 


Marie M (aka Marie Mainil) Communications 


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